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Penny stocks are generally defined as stocks whose shares are trading for prices at less than $1. They may additionally be defined as stocks whose shares are trading for less than $5 per share, or shares where the companies backing them have a market capitalization of less than $250 million. While they lack a universally agreed upon definition, they can be colloquially defined as stocks with low prices backed by companies with low market capitalizations. The small size of these securities and the companies behind them is the most important feature, regardless of the definition. “Microcap stocks” are another name for penny stocks, as are penny shares. Penny stocks often have low liquidity, which means that transactions involving penny stocks may occur infrequently. This implies that once a penny stock has been bought, it may not be easy to sell again depending on market conditions. Likewise, it implies that wild swings in stock price may occur with little warning due to a very small amount of external pressure.

Despite the risks inherent in penny stock speculation, the rewards are extremely high. Penny stocks are known for wild swings in prices, allowing for massive gains on the upside for even relatively small investments. Because of the infrequency of many penny stock transactions, when they do occur they can be spectacularly offset from the previous price. Our penny stock newsletter provides information related to penny stock investment, and helps to sort through all the false information related to penny stocks in order to find all the information you need.

With the information contained in our report and an investment that is relatively small compared to a similarly performing investment in the stock market at large, incredible profits can be obtained. The information in our penny stock report may also help to avoid taking large downward swings by providing warning of impending trouble in relevant penny stocks. Due to the risks of penny stock speculation, it is not recommended to engage in such trading without proper preparation. Many fortunes have been lost due to inadequate preparation before beginning trading, showing the importance of research prior to investing. Our penny stock report contains relevant research that could be the difference between significant profits made or vast sums of money lost, and studying these reports would very much behoove the potential penny stock trader.
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